Expert30VET « UltraPulse » CO2 Laser 30 W


The CO2laser Expert30VET is equiped with a supply commutator which converts the input power into the one needed for the operation.

Its main advantages :
•Its small bulk
•Its efficiency of conversion into a high power
•Its increased safety against electrocution hazards (supply components are only active during the laser emission)
•Its reliability due to the absorption of the CO2 laser beam by water contained in the tissues

Caractéristiques techniques

Type CO2 Laser Expert30VET
Wavelength 10,6 μm
Power to tissues 0,5 – 30 W
Ultra pulse pick power 700 W
Ultra pulse frequency 1 – 500 Hz
Exposure time 10 μs – 1000μs
User interface Color Liquid Crystal Display
Articulated arm 7 joint spring balanced articulated arm
Power supply 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Direction beam 3mW (650 nm diode), adjustable
Dimensions 35 x 45 x 126 cm
Weight 35 kg


Soft tissues
• Incisions
• Excisions
• Vaporisations

3 operating modes
• CW
• Pulse
• Ultra pulse

3 exposure modes
• Continuous
• Single Pulse
• Repeat Pulse